510 Thread Cartridges


1 Gram

THC : 84% to 89%

CBD :0 to 2%

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Δ8 THC vape. 82% Δ8 THC + 15% Δ9 THC derived from the highest purity cannabis extract. Bold, tropical fruit flavour with hints of citrus and punch. Fortified with 23 natural, sativa-strain terpenes including myrcene, humulene, β-caryophyllene, terpinolene and α-pinene. RedPill vapes do not contain carriers, cutting agents, or artificial ingredients, allowing consumers to experience the unique, psychoactive effects of Δ8 + Δ9 THC in their purest forms. All RedPill vapes come in 1.0 g carts

If you’re looking for convenience and portability when it comes to cannabis consumption, it’s hard to beat vapes. Choose a vape cartridge, attach it to a vape battery, and you’re ready to go. The battery heats an atomizer inside the cartridge to produce a vapour, which can then be inhaled.

Those cartridges, more commonly known as “vape carts,” are glass tubes prefilled with cannabis extract or concentrate. While there are many proprietary types on the market, 510 thread carts are amongst the most popular — they’re compatible with the widely available 510 battery. Fun fact: the “510” moniker comes from the battery’s five-millimetre length and the 10 threads (or grooves) that connect it and the cart.

Have you ever wondered how cannabis becomes your favourite 510 vape cart? We spoke to three Licensed Producers, Aphria, MediPharm Labs and Supreme, to find out.

The key ingredient in a vape cart is, of course, cannabis, which is in the form of an extract or concentrate: either a distillate (a highly refined oil that contains almost no terpenes), a full-spectrum extract (typically produced from a single strain and using techniques that preserve most of the original terpenes and cannabinoids) or a live resin (produced using heat and pressure, rather than chemicals, which maintains much of the terpene content).

Licensed Producers employ various extraction techniques to create their own unique concentrated formulas. To fill its Sugarleaf cart, Supreme uses an ethanol extraction process to create a distillate from its own sativa-dominant Jean Guy strain. Similarly, Aphria employs ethanol extraction to turn its own cannabis into its Good Supply and Broken Coast brand vape carts. MediPharm’s Wayfarer sources dried cannabis from other Licensed Producers, zeroing in on sought-after cannabinoids, and uses a CO2 extraction process to transform the cannabis into distillate.

Some brands focus on a specific strain for their carts; like the dried cannabis itself, the flavour and aroma of the extract or concentrate may vary slightly from batch to batch. Other brands use a blend of extracts and then add selected terpenes to produce a consistent flavour (more about


Super Lemon Haze, Banana Split, Dank Berry, Tropic Tangie

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