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Heavy Hitters’ Blue Dream is a Sativa with herbaceous notes, completed with a cerebral, full-body high.

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All about: 

Heavy Hitters Cannabis Concentrate Cartridge:

It is perfectly made with pure original cannabis native terpenes 100% and has more than 90 % THC. The Heavy Hitters order up characteristics of these carts filled with high-power THC or CBD oil, which is not combined, mixed, or chopped with anything. However, heavy Hitters maintain their carriages are 100% THC or CBD oil with no combined factors such as MCT, PG, or Vitamin E acetate to reduce the oil.

Heavy Hitters Ultra Premium Cannabis Concentrate Cartridge: 


The cartridges are correct, 510 cartridges with half-pint and stainless iron frames. They seem like regular THC vape oil cartridges. However, they relate to several likewise joined 510 batteries. The loops inward are ceramic, which the organization demands to submit a further constant flavor characterization for any flavor they allow. The manufacturing of the cartridges that perform them resemble them like they are refillable or reusable, but they are not. The whole tank is sealed, and the mouthpiece does not turn open like with different 510 tanks.

Types of strain:

  • Sativa

Heavy Hitters’ Blue Dream is a Sativa with herbaceous notes, completed with a cerebral, full-body high.

Taste: Blueberry, Sweet Pine

Effect: Cerebral, Full-body high, Creative, Aroused

Genetics: Blueberry Crossed With Haze

  • Indica 

This Diablo OG is an Indica with a fresh flowery taste that concludes with steps of lime. However, this strain produces a soft, euphoric body high.

Taste: Woody, Spicy, Herbal

Effect: Euphoric, Full-body, Drowsy, Relaxed

Genetics: OG Kush mixed with Diablo

  • Hybrid

The Cherry Lime combines attractive and active cherry and lime marks in a euphoric and rich, full-bodied extraordinary ideal for holding a sunny day outdoors.

Taste: Lemon, Cherry, Lime

Effect: Productive, Relaxed, and Happy

However, this cart is the Real Standard Oil Company of California vape that provides smokers with a fresh-tasting and delightful high experience with our exclusive combination of Terpenes. Our established cannabinoid characterizations are excellent. That is why; our carts claim True Ceramic heating components with Cold-Filtered distillate for clean flavor and strength. Heavy Hitters provides you with the independence to be independent all time.

Heavy Hitters Meaning:

Premium Cannabis Cartridge 1g:

It comes with the purest cannabis distillate. Also, it is a California producer making cold-filtering technology to refine its THC and CBD-dominant strains. This strain has various THC or CBD power ranging between 80-90%. Heavy Hitters places its oil into eight distinct cartridge methods, including Pax Era pods. However, the cartridges practice all-ceramic essences for improved flexibility. They feature glass containers and stainless steel components, like the coil support and the mouthpiece. Heavy Hitter is only available in California and only at licensed stores.

How to use heavy hitters cartridges?

Excluding the Pax Era pods, all stuff with its particular oil and work exclusively with the Era pattern. Every other HH pre-filled cartridge is 510-threaded so that customers can connect them to any threaded 510 series.

How to recharge replaceable Heavy Hitters?

Disposable HH vape carts are not intended to be restored. Heavy Hitters doe’s unevenly sell pre-filled disposable folds (cart and battery). They exclusively sell cartridges, which buyers then attach to any similar container.


  • Strong effects
  • High-quality taste
  • Multiple strains 
  • The containers are very well-made

4 carts, 8 carts, 16 carts, 50 carts, 100 carts


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