DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine)


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               DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine)

DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) is a chemical that is found naturally in plants, animals and humans. Buy DMT online Buy dmt online USA Order dmt in Canada Buy lsd in Montreal How to buy lsd discreetly online Florida Order organic dmt online

In addition It stands out among other hallucinogens because of its shorter duration of action,

and is preferentially used by people who don’t wish to experience the prolonged effects of other hallucinogens, such as LSD.

Secondly DMT drug use is not common; the DEA reports 500 to 600 cases of lab-confirmed DMT use annually in the United States.

The drug is usually distributed through internet marketplaces rather than by street-level dealers.

Some people travel to South America to participate in DMT-based ceremonies with the indigenous people.

What Is DMT?
DMT is a hallucinogen drug that can be produced in a lab but is found naturally in a number of plant and animal sources.

It has been used for many centuries by native people in the Amazon Basin,

where it is found in significant concentrations in some of the native plant-life.

Hallucinogens are drugs that produce a psychotic state in the user, sometimes with a mild euphoric effect.

DMT induces the following effects, known as a trip:

Visual and auditory hallucinations
Distortions of body image
Distortions of spatial perception
Disturbances of thought

What Is DMT Used For?

DMT has no approved uses in the United States.

However, a certain religious group (the Santo Daime Church) in the United States have managed

to win the rights in court to use DMT in their services based on religious freedom.

DMT is used for its hallucinogenic effects for spiritual reasons (users believe that their psychosis amounts to a meaningful vision, or mental clarity) or for simply seeking a “trip.”

The Amazonian indigenous people continue to use it for their shamanic rituals, some Brazilian churches

use it in their sacraments for inducing religious experiences and it has spread to many other countries for use in a similar capacity.

Although researchers can apply for special permission to use DMT for clinical trials,

the drug has been studied very little due to its legal status. However, there is very limited,

preliminary suggestion within the science community that DMT may be useful for treating addictions,

obsessive-compulsive disorder, prisoner recidivism and treatment-resistant depression. Buy DMT online Buy dmt online USA Order dmt in Canada Buy lsd in Montreal How to buy lsd discreetly online Florida Order organic dmt online

Given the unsafe nature of hallucinogen use, the research community is cautious about considering their potential medical uses.


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