Golden Goat weed strain


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Golden Goat weed strain information

The Golden Goat weed strain is a hybrid marijuana strain that is mainly composed of sativa, accounting for 65% of the hybrid strain and 35% of India. With a moderate THC content ranging from 16% to 23%, low CBD level, and CBG content testing at around 1%, this strain provides energetic and uplifting effects. You can easily find it online to buy Golden Goat weed strain.

This strain was created by a happy accident in Topeka, Kansas when a nearby Hawaiian/Romulan hybrid unintentionally fertilized a female Island Sweet Skunk strain. The outcome was a potent strain with sweet tropical fruit and citrus flavors and an earthy and spicy aroma. This combination makes for an exciting flavor profile often described as sweet and sour. It is also known for being pungent and not for the faint of heart.

The Golden Goat strain gets its name from two reasons. Firstly, when the buds are ready for harvest, they have a “golden glow” to them. Secondly, it is named after the smell of “golden goat recycling machines,” a sweet but rancid smell from soda syrups baking in the hot Kansas sun. 

This exceptional hybrid strain embodies perfect balance, seamlessly blending the best of both Sativa and India. Experience the energizing buzz and soothing relaxation this harmonious blend offers. Its sativa dominance provides a potent and refreshing experience, while its 35% indica content is relaxing and calming. Golden Goat is ideal for users seeking a ‘balanced’ high. If you’re intrigued and considering purchasing this strain, you can effortlessly search for ‘order Golden Goat weed strain near me.

THC and CBD level of Golden Goat strain

The THC level of the this strain is 23%, along with a CBD level of about 1.07%, making it a potent strain. Its high can last up to two hours, and it is known for inducing a relaxing sensation, uplifting one’s mood, and inducing creativity. This strain has received positive reviews on a large scale and is considered “exceptional” when appropriately consumed. Golden Goat weed strain for sale is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast. This particular strain has been recognized for its exceptional qualities and was awarded 3rd place under the “Best Medical Hybrid” category in the prestigious 2014 Cannabis Cup held by the renowned Green Solution in Colorado. It has also become a local favorite since its creation.

Golden Goat is an exceptional hybrid that’s not to be missed. This strain results from crossing a male Hawaiian-Romulan with a female Island Sweet Skunk and originates from Topeka, Kansas. Its potency and unique flavor have earned it a well-deserved reputation. Give it a try and discover its remarkable effects for yourself. Give a try and experience the magic of this accidental pollination


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