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Gorilla Glue Strain information

The Gorilla Glue Strain has a unique appearance and effects from extensive backcrossing. However, it took several unsuccessful attempts and numerous subpar variations before the GG4 we know today was developed. In 2009, a breeder named Josey Whales traded elite clones with two other cultivators so they could begin experimenting. You can now buy Gorilla Glue Strain online near you.

Joesy’s journey to create the perfect cannabis-growing project was not without its setbacks. Despite the destruction of the entire crop, Joesy did not give up. Instead, he gave away some unwanted seeds to a friend, who kept them. This act of resilience and determination led to a second attempt at growing, using the seeds that Joesy had initially discarded.

After several attempts, the strain produced three usable females, namely GG1, GG2, and GG4. While GG1 and GG2 seeds remain challenging to obtain and are closely guarded, Gorilla Glue Strain was deemed the most suitable for commercial releaseThis led to increased interest in GG4, and growers across the United States began paying large sums to acquire genuine clones. Fortunately, seed banks have developed feminized seed versions, making the strain line possible to grow worldwide. If you’re interested, you can find Gorilla Glue Strain for sale.

Potency and effect

The Gorilla Glue Strain is a powerful cannabis strain that has a potent cerebral impact. “It induces euphoria and creativity, followed by a heavy body stone that can couch-lock even seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.”. However, it is essential to note that this strain has a high level of THC, which can go up to 32% depending on the phenotype. As such, new and returning users should be careful not to overdo it as it can easily overwhelm them.

Recreational uses

Due to its strength, Order Gorilla Glue Strain is usually reserved when the user can thoroughly enjoy the experience. When shared in social gatherings, GG4 can lead to relaxed philosophical conversations and outbursts of creative thinking. If used alone, GG4 makes an ideal strain for unwinding in the evening before bed or as an excellent choice to find inspiration for artistic pursuits.



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