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Grape Ape Shatter is a strain from the Grape Ape collection. It is a cross between two strains – Grape Ape and Northern Lights- created to create an Indica-dominant hybrid. This cross resulted in creating an Indica-dominant combination with indica solid roots. This cross results in a vital source of THC but also produces a lot of CBD. It is an excellent selection for the whole family and is often used as an alternative to medical marijuana by those looking for more CBD than THC. It’s effects will begin to take hold within about half an hour after smoking, and it will continue to cause euphoria throughout the day. The high from this strain last from four hours up until about 12 hours after, Buy shatter online Italy .

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This strain is a cannabis strain created by crossing Super Silver Haze and Durban Poison. This strain was initially developed in Amsterdam and was first released in 1996. Grape Ape Shatter is a muscular Sativa dominant strain that produces large yields of THC. It makes an uplifting, energetic high that can be felt many hours after consumption. Grape Ape Shatter has a long flowering time of approximately 70 days, which allows it to be grown outdoors in most climates. The taste of Grape Ape Shatter is strongly reminiscent of grapefruit, with a sweet tartness and rich citrus flavor that makes it easy to enjoy on any occasion. It’s also an Indica-dominant hybrid with a medium-length flowering time and high THC levels (around 20% total cannabinoids). The smell mixes grapefruit and orange, but not as strong as the taste. The scent is pleasant without being overly fruity.

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That is a strain with a very high THC level. This makes it a good choice for recreational users and those who want to consume it as medicine. It is a potent strain that is also very relaxing and makes us feel calm. Skunk #1 Ape Shatter. This strain has a high level of THC, making it suitable for recreational use to treat pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, and other ailments.

We felt good while smoking this strain as we had no pain or discomfort in our joints. Once we were finished with this cannabis product, we felt great until the following day, when our joints started feeling tight. It has been used in medical marijuana dispensaries to treat various ailments such as chronic pain, nausea and vomiting, and muscle spasms. Buy cannabis shatter London .

Shatter is a concentrated cannabis concentrate formula with the active ingredient of medical marijuana. Grape Ape Shatter takes its name from the fact that it consists almost solely of grape-seed extract extracted from grapes.

Grape Ape Shatter Effects & More:

 It is an Indica-dominant variety of cannabis. This strain is known to be effective in treating anxiety and stress-related disorders. It is an excellent choice for those seeking to improve their mental health. It is considered a good choice for the treatment of PTSD and anxiety disorders alike. This strain has an appetite-promoting effect. It also helps individuals who have insomnia by relieving stress and tension in the brain, reducing pain associated with physical ailments, and relieving muscle spasms. Strain Ape Shatter also helps with feelings of depression, panic disorder, as well as insomnia individual’s symptoms.

Shatter Strains

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