Hip & Joint Releaf Organic CBD Oil


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  • 10 mg of CBD per Dropper
  • 300 mg of CBD per Bottle
  • Specifically formulated for small dogs & cats
  • Enhances mobility and promotes healthy joint function
  • Contains 300 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD per bottle, enhanced with organic devil’s claw Certified USDA Organic – free from synthetic additives
  • Made in the USA with non-GMO, plant-based ingredients
  • Helps support cartilage health and joint mobility, ideal for managing discomfort from normal daily activities to keep pets active.
  • Supports joint flexibility and helps enhance bone strength, helping in the maintenance of healthy joint fluid viscosity and back function for optimal pet mobility.

Designed specifically for pets experiencing joint discomfort and mobility challenges, our Hip & Joint Releaf CBD Oil helps our four-legged friends stay active and comfortable year-round. Ideal for dogs who love fetching, hiking, and swimming, it supports seamless movement and prevents discomfort from limiting their ability to enjoy everyday activities like climbing stairs and engaging in play. Formulated with full spectrum hemp and devil’s claw, it promotes joint health and overall mobility, ideal for pets with ongoing issues or active lifestyles. Oil should be administered outside of mealtimes.

How to Administer

Dropper within bottle is marked. Fill dropper to the line marker that coincides with the recommended usage found on the back of the box based on your pet’s weight. The recommended usage should be split between the AM/PM and given outside of mealtimes.

Size and Qty

Dogs/Cats (1-25 lbs) 300 mg/bottle, M-L Dogs (26+ lbs) 600 mg/bottle

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