Live Hash Rosin Cold Cured Budder Blue Chemdawg



THC: 640.00 – 720.00 mg

CBD: 0.00 – 60.00 mg

4.00 g cannabis equiv.

Outdoor grown & handcrafted on Vancouver Island, Blue Chemdawg is a cross between DJ Short’s True Blueberry x Chemdawg 91, named for its sweet lemon flavour and colour tones. From field to freezer in under 2-hours, the fresh flower is flash frozen at -30c to capture and preserve all the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other compounds while the plant is still “live”. Gently agitated in ice water and sieved multiple times to capture the optimally ripe resin glands sized from 45-159um, the resulting live ice (bubble) hash is freeze dried and then gradually heat pressed through a 25um filter bag. Creating an artisanal premium live hash rosin that is the purest and most true-to-plant cannabis concentrates available. Standing by The BC Bud Co’s commitment to exceptional quality, Blue Chemdawg Live Hash Rosin Cold Cured Budder is a full-spectrum, single strain & solvent-free extract that is sure to provide consumers with a premium cannabis experience – dab at the top of its class.

Where are the effects?

The use of cannabis products may result in specific effects for different consumers; however, there is limited scientific evidence to support these potential effects. Everybody reacts to cannabis differently, and one user’s reaction to different cannabis products may vary depending on strain, potency, consumption method and other variables. The only way to know how cannabis will affect you is to consume a small amount and note the effects. Always start low and go slow.
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