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Mystery  Mushroom

Mystery Mushroom (Psilocybe Cubensis, Mystery mushroom) is an extremely rare strain we were able to source through an exclusive organic mushroom farmer. The history and origins of the Mystery  strain is not very clear, but we do know it has been around for at least a few decades. This strain was discovered and circulated amongst the psychonauts community back in the early 90s. Communication amongst the community was spotty back than as it was the early days of the internet and the beginning of message boards such as

As its name describes itself, Mystery Fatass strain has a very thick stem and golden caps that do not fully open. This is one of the fattest shrooms we’ve seen. Each mushroom is so large that we cannot offer this strain in single gram increments. Also note that this mushroom is very dense in texture. We find that denser mushrooms are generally more potent.


Mystery Fatass Mushrooms | Shrooms4HomeAny ideas why my shrooms have an unusual look? : r/shrooms


When you consume Mystery mushroom expect higher than average potency. Our staff report that the come up was fast and lasted longer than other average strains as well. If you are new to magic mushrooms, we do not recommend you taking a large amount of this strain. Start low and gradually move up to larger amounts.

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