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90% THC
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Papa’s Herb vape cartridge information

Papa’s Herb vape cartridges contain a high-quality THC distillate, which Canna Sublime manufactures. These cartridges are also known as Papa’s Pens and Papa’s Vape; the oil used in them is extracted from pesticide-free cannabis plants. The farmers responsible for cultivating the cannabis are experienced professionals based in California, and at the moment, these cartridges are only available for purchase in the state. The benefits of using Papa’s Herb cartridges include excellent oil quality, delicious flavors, an intense high, and huge smoke clouds.

Furthermore, the tank of my vape pen is made of solid glass, and the base is made of metal, which I love. In addition, the metal used is a pale gold shade. However, the mouthpiece of my Papa’s Herb vape cartridge is made of plastic, which is my least favorite thing about it, but it’s still solid. The oil in the cartridge looks fantastic and super clear. If you’re interested, you can buy Papa’s Herb vape cartridge near you. This particular cartridge is compatible with 510-threaded batteries.

Papa’s Herb vape cartridge has a sleek gold-metal

Moreover, the cartridge’s metal is pale golden, which may seem insignificant, but it adds a subtle yet captivating touch to Papa’s Herb’s overall aesthetic. The text can be a good icebreaker when shared with others. I appreciate the attention to detail.

In other words, The cartridge itself feels weighty and substantial in your hand. It’s a high-quality product with a glass tank that keeps the oil clean. The thick metal base adds to its weight and quality feel. The plastic mouthpiece is sturdy as well. The design is similar to that of Old Pal. If you’re interested, Papa’s Herb vape cartridge is available for sale.


“I tried this vape cartridge, which was a pleasant surprise. The oil has a spectacular color and flavor and hits pretty strongly. The high lasted for a good 2 hours and left me feeling relaxed.

Nevertheless, the flavor is nice even after exhaling, but after a few seconds, a mild bitterness fills my mouth. The bitterness is not strong, but with a dry mouth, it’s all I can taste for a few seconds. It covers the back of my throat and stays on the tongue.”


Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Super Skunk, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato

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