Presidential Kush strain


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About the Presidential Kush strain

Presidential Kush is a hybrid strain that leans towards India and has a unique flavor profile. It should not be confused with Presidential OG, a strain Royal Queen Seeds created. DNA Genetics, known for creating strains like Sour Cream and Chocolope, are the breeders behind Presidential Kush. You can buy Presidential Kush strain online. This strain is a cross between OG Kush and Lemon Skunk, and it provides a diverse high that starts with gentle relaxation and then progresses into a lively mental focus. According to Analytical 360, a cannabis testing lab, the THC content of this strain’s flowers ranges from a modest 12% to an impressive 30%. It’s worth noting that this strain may also be referred to as Lemon OG Kush in specific regions and retail stores.

Secondly, Kush is known for its medium to large-sized flowers that are almost spherical, typical of many varieties in the Kush family. The buds have green, fluffy leaves with orange pistils that capture pollen. Additionally, the flowers of Presidential Kush are covered in amber trichomes, which give the leaves a slightly yellow tint. To order the Presidential Kush strain, visit our website.

Aroma and Flavor of Presidential Kush strain

It is a hybrid of kush and Lemon. It has the expected aromatic kush profile with a hint of Lemon. Like damp soil, the smell is dank and earthy, with a tart citrus scent lurking in the background. Breaking apart or grinding the buds enhances the lemon scent. When combusted, the Presidential Kush produces a harsh, cough-inducing smoke with a citrus taste and faint piney accents on exhaling. You can purchase the Presidential Kush strain without any hassle.

Moreover, this strain is known for its “creeper” high, which can take a few minutes to take effect fully. After enjoying its unique flavor, users may feel a pressure around their eyes and temples, accompanied by a relaxing muscular tension and increased deep breathing capacity. This leads to a euphoric state where users can feel content and relaxed. Initially, the high is not particularly cerebral, but a sativa edge may begin to emerge as it progresses. This can result in increased thoughtfulness or altered perception, where colors and sounds take on a new vibrancy. Some users may also experience visual distortions, which gives this hybrid a psychedelic quality.

This newfound stimulation can complete various tasks in the right environment. While Presidential Kush can be enjoyed at any time of day, it is best consumed in the morning or afternoon, allowing users to enjoy its initial relaxation and subsequent energy boost.


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